SqueezeBrains SDK 1.13
sb_t_res Struct Reference

Results of detection. More...

#include <sb.h>

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Data Fields

int is_valid
 It is 1 when the fields of the structure are valid, otherwise it is 0. More...
sb_t_par par
 Project parameters. More...
sb_t_samples samples
 Samples found in the image. More...
sb_t_ocr_res ocr
 Result of OCR analysis. More...
sb_t_res_model global
 Global results. More...
sb_t_res_models models
 Models results. More...
int img_width_circular
 Original width of the image, before the extension in the x-axis. More...
long long time_us
 Elaboration time of the image, in us. More...
sb_t_devices_par devices
 The devices used to compute the current results.
 Information about the tiles used to process the image. More...
sb_t_err err
 Error of last image processing with sb_project_detection function . More...

Detailed Description

Results of detection.

The results are different depending on the project type:

With Surface projects note that:

The structure is managed as a visible handle. To destroy the structure you must call the function sb_res_destroy .

When you get the structure from projects with version less than, the structure par is not completely filled.
Only the following fields are correctly filled:
  • sb_t_par.models.size
  • sb_t_par.models.model[i].obj_size
  • sb_t_par.models.model[i].enabled
  • sb_t_par.models.model[i].obj_size
  • sb_t_par.models.model[i].name
  • sb_t_par.models.model[i].color, only for Surface project
  • sb_t_par.models.model[i].color_opt, only for Surface project
See also

Definition at line 11275 of file sb.h.

Field Documentation

◆ err

sb_t_err sb_t_res::err

Error of last image processing with sb_project_detection function .

If the value is different than SB_ERR_NONE all the other parameters of the structure sb_t_res are not to be considered valid with the exception of sb_t_res::is_valid and sb_t_res::par which are valid.

Definition at line 11349 of file sb.h.

◆ global

sb_t_res_model sb_t_res::global

Global results.

In case of more than one model this structure contains the information of all model together. In case of Surface, this means that in each pixel of the images sb_t_surface_res::weight and sb_t_surface_res::model the model with the maximum weight has been choosen.

Definition at line 11310 of file sb.h.

◆ img_width_circular

int sb_t_res::img_width_circular

Original width of the image, before the extension in the x-axis.

If the value is greater than 0 it means that the image has a circular x-axis and it was extended in order to find the samples which stands a bit on the end and a little on the start.

Definition at line 11323 of file sb.h.

◆ is_valid

int sb_t_res::is_valid

It is 1 when the fields of the structure are valid, otherwise it is 0.

I.e. the parameter is 1 if almost one elaboration is done.

The value is set to 1 even if only the sb_t_res::err parameter is set to a value other than SB_ERR_NONE . In this case all the other parameters of the structure are not to be considered valid.

Definition at line 11283 of file sb.h.

◆ models

sb_t_res_models sb_t_res::models

Models results.

Used only with Surface and Deep Surface projects.

Definition at line 11316 of file sb.h.

◆ ocr

sb_t_ocr_res sb_t_res::ocr

Result of OCR analysis.

Used only with Retina projects.

Definition at line 11302 of file sb.h.

◆ par

sb_t_par sb_t_res::par

Project parameters.

It is valorized with the parameters saved in the project handle when the sb_project_detection function was last called.

Definition at line 11289 of file sb.h.

◆ samples

sb_t_samples sb_t_res::samples

Samples found in the image.

It has samples.size of sb_t_sample elements.
Used only with Retina and Deep Cortex projects.

Definition at line 11296 of file sb.h.

◆ tiles

sb_t_tiles_info* sb_t_res::tiles

Information about the tiles used to process the image.

It is used only for Deep Surface projects.

The field is allocated only for Deep Surface projects and is set to NULL for all other project types.

Definition at line 11342 of file sb.h.

◆ time_us

long long sb_t_res::time_us

Elaboration time of the image, in us.

Includes the sb_project_detection and sb_project_get_res time.

Definition at line 11329 of file sb.h.

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