SqueezeBrains SDK 1.13
sb_t_devices_par Struct Reference

Property of computational devices. More...

#include <sb.h>

Data Fields

sb_t_device_type type
 Device type.
 Identifier of the devices to be used. More...

Detailed Description

Property of computational devices.

Property of the devices on which to execute the functions sb_svl_run or sb_project_detection for Deep Cortex and Deep Surface project type.

Definition at line 10094 of file sb.h.

Field Documentation

◆ id

int sb_t_devices_par::id[SB_DEVICES_MAX_NUMBER]

Identifier of the devices to be used.

The value is the index of the device to use. All the devices must be of the same sb_t_devices_par::type.
Currently only the id at index 0 is taken into account. -1 means not used.

Call the function sb_get_info with second argumant to 1 to know the indeces of the GPUs mounted on the machine.

Definition at line 10108 of file sb.h.

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