SqueezeBrains SDK 1.13
1#pragma once
2namespace sb_cs
16 public enum class SbSurfaceImageTruth :int {
37 };
42 public ref class SbSurfaceRes
43 {
44 public:
69 array<SbBlob^>^ blobs;
70 internal:
71 SbSurfaceRes(const sb_t_surface_res* const sb_res);
72 SbError CopyFromNative(const sb_t_surface_res* const sb_res);
73 };
78 public ref class SbResModel {
79 public:
84 int tp;
90 int tn;
96 int fp;
102 int fn;
108 int op;
114 int on;
133 internal:
134 const sb_t_par* par;
135 SbResModel(const sb_t_res_model* const res, const sb_t_par* const par);
136 SbError CopyFromNative(const sb_t_res_model* const res);
137 };
142 public ref class SbResOCR {
143 public:
147 String ^str;
151 int words;
155 int lines;
156 internal:
157 const sb_t_ocr_res* ocr;
158 SbResOCR(const sb_t_ocr_res* const ocr);
159 SbError CopyFromNative(const sb_t_ocr_res* const ocr);
160 };
165 public enum class SbTileType :int {
178 };
184 public ref class SbTile {
185 public:
194 internal:
195 SbTile(const sb_t_tile* const tile);
196 SbError CopyFromNative(const sb_t_tile* const tile);
197 };
203 public ref class SbTilesInfo {
204 public:
216 array<SbTile^>^ tiles;
217 internal:
218 SbTilesInfo(const sb_t_tiles_info* const tiles);
219 SbError CopyFromNative(const sb_t_tiles_info* const tiles);
220 };
225 public ref class SbRes {
226 public:
236 array<SbResModel^>^ models;
246 array<SbSample^>^ samples;
261 long long timeUs;
281 internal:
282 ~SbRes();
283 SbRes(const sb_t_res* const sb_res);
284 SbError CopyFromNative(const sb_t_res* const sb_res);
285 }; // group_cs_results // group_cs
Defines computing device types that wraps the sb_t_devices_par structure
Definition: cs_par.h:242
SbImage class that wraps the sb_t_image structure. You must call the Dispose() method to free all the...
Definition: cs_image.h:66
Parameters Class that wraps the sb_t_par structure. You must call the Dispose() method to free all th...
Definition: cs_par.h:657
Point class that wraps the sb_t_point structure
Definition: cs_sb.h:180
Rectangle class that wraps the sb_t_rect structure
Definition: cs_sb.h:224
Class of the results of the image elaboration with the SbProject::Detection method....
Definition: cs_res.h:225
SbResOCR ocr
Result of OCR analysis
Definition: cs_res.h:251
SbDevicesPar devices
Devices used to get the current results.
Definition: cs_res.h:275
long long timeUs
Detection time
Definition: cs_res.h:261
int img_width_circular
Original width of the image, before the extension in the x-axis
Definition: cs_res.h:266
SbPar par
Definition: cs_res.h:241
SbResModel global
Global results
Definition: cs_res.h:231
SbTilesInfo tiles
Information about the tiles used to process the image.
Definition: cs_res.h:280
array< SbResModel^> models
Models results
Definition: cs_res.h:236
bool isValid
Flag that indicate that the results contain valid data
Definition: cs_res.h:270
SbError err
Detection error
Definition: cs_res.h:256
array< SbSample^> samples
Samples results. Only Retina projects
Definition: cs_res.h:246
Model res Class that wraps the sb_t_res_model structure
Definition: cs_res.h:78
int on
: Count of Optional Negative.
Definition: cs_res.h:114
int tp
: Count of True Positive.
Definition: cs_res.h:84
int tn
: Count of True Negative.
Definition: cs_res.h:90
int op
: Count of Optional Positive.
Definition: cs_res.h:108
int fp
: Count of False Positive.
Definition: cs_res.h:96
int disabled
: Count of samples with model disabled.
Definition: cs_res.h:126
int fn
: Count of False Negative.
Definition: cs_res.h:102
int out_of_roi
: Count of Out Of ROI.
Definition: cs_res.h:120
SbSurfaceRes surface
: Surface specific results.
Definition: cs_res.h:132
Results of OCR analysis. The class wraps the sb_t_ocr_res structure
Definition: cs_res.h:142
String str
OCR result in string format
Definition: cs_res.h:147
int words
Number of the words identified
Definition: cs_res.h:151
int lines
Number of the lines identified
Definition: cs_res.h:155
Size class that wraps the sb_t_size_flt structure
Definition: cs_sb.h:114
Size class that wraps the sb_t_size structure
Definition: cs_sb.h:92
Surface res Class that wraps the sb_t_surface_res structure
Definition: cs_res.h:43
SbSurfaceImageTruth image_truth
Image truth
Definition: cs_res.h:64
SbPoint ul
Upper left coordinate of the planes images
Definition: cs_res.h:48
SbImage truth
Truth plane image
Definition: cs_res.h:56
array< SbBlob^> blobs
Array of the blobs found
Definition: cs_res.h:69
SbImage model
Model res image
Definition: cs_res.h:52
SbImage weight
Weight plane image
Definition: cs_res.h:60
Results of OCR analysis. The class wraps the sb_t_ocr_res structure sb_t_tile
Definition: cs_res.h:184
SbTileType type
Tile type
Definition: cs_res.h:193
SbRect rect
Rectangle of the tile on the elaborated image
Definition: cs_res.h:189
Information about the tiles used to process the image sb_t_tiles_info
Definition: cs_res.h:203
SbSize factor
Number of horizontal and vertical tiles used to process the image
Definition: cs_res.h:208
SbSizeFlt scale
Scale factor
Definition: cs_res.h:212
array< SbTile^> tiles
Tiles array
Definition: cs_res.h:216
Enum error codes
Definition: cs_common.h:13
Enumerates the tile types and wraps the sb_t_tile_type enum
Definition: cs_res.h:165
Surface image truth that wraps the sb_t_surface_image_truth enum
Definition: cs_res.h:16
The tile is used.
The tile is used for svl by sb_svl_run function.
The tile is not used because it has no pixels in the ROI analysis.
False defects found.
Defects not found.
No defects.
Undefined truth.
Defects found.
SB Namespace
Definition: cs_common.h:3
Results of OCR analysis.
Definition: sb.h:10949
Project parameters.
Definition: sb.h:10647
Defines the results of a model.
Definition: sb.h:11058
Results of detection.
Definition: sb.h:11276
Defines the result of the Surface analysis.
Definition: sb.h:10967
Defines a tile.
Definition: sb.h:11181
Information about the tiles used to process the image.
Definition: sb.h:11199