SB SDK 1.11
sb_t_svl_err Struct Reference

Contains information regarding the error of the SVL. More...

#include <sb.h>

Collaboration diagram for sb_t_svl_err:

Data Fields

sb_t_err err
 Error code sb_t_err.
char file_name [512]
 Name of the file of the image that generates the error.
int num_samples
 Number of samples.
char model_name [2][SB_PAR_STRING_LEN]
 Name of the model of the samples that generate the error.
int sample_index [2]
 Index of the samples that are too close. Index starts from 0.
sb_t_point centre [2]
 Centre of the samples.
float dist
 Distance, in pixel, between the samples.
float min_dist
 Minimum allowed distance between samples.

Detailed Description

Contains information regarding the error of the SVL.

The second element of model_name and sample_index is used when two samples are too close. In this case sb_svl_run fails with the error SB_ERR_SAMPLE_DISTANCE.

Definition at line 11318 of file sb.h.

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