SqueezeBrains SDK 1.13
sb_t_device_info Struct Reference

Information about a computing device. More...

#include <sb.h>

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Data Fields

sb_t_device_type type
 Device type.
char name [128]
 Device name.
char compute_capability [8]
 Device CUDA Compute capability. More...
int id
 Identifier of the device. More...
sb_t_memory_info memory
 Memory information about the device and its process.
int available
 Indicates if the device is available on the PC in use. More...

Detailed Description

Information about a computing device.

Information about device executing computations of the functions sb_svl_run or sb_project_detection .

Definition at line 6117 of file sb.h.

Field Documentation

◆ available

int sb_t_device_info::available

Indicates if the device is available on the PC in use.

0 if the device is not available, otherwise different than 0.

Definition at line 6155 of file sb.h.

◆ compute_capability

char sb_t_device_info::compute_capability[8]

Device CUDA Compute capability.

CUDA Compute capabilities identifies the features supported by the GPU hardware and used at runtime. An official list of Nvidia GPUs and their associate CUDA Capabilities can be found at the following web page: https://developer.nvidia.com/cuda-gpus.
Filled only if the device type is SB_DEVICE_GPU .

Definition at line 6135 of file sb.h.

◆ id

int sb_t_device_info::id

Identifier of the device.

It is the identifier of the current device among the total devices number of the same type available on the machine. It is always equal to 0 unless more devices of the same type are available (e.g. machine has more GPUs connected). This value must be used to set sb_t_par::devices and sb_t_svl_par::devices used by sb_project_detection and sb_svl_run.
If device type is SB_DEVICE_CPU, it is 0.

Definition at line 6144 of file sb.h.

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