SB SDK 1.11
sb_t_blob Struct Reference

Defines a blob. More...

#include <sb.h>

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Data Fields

float bar_x
 Abscissa of the blob baricenter.
float bar_y
 Ordinate of the blob baricenter.
int area
 Area of the blob, number of the pixel.
int od
 Optical density.
int lut
 Value of the lut.
sb_t_rect rect
 Bounding box of the blob.
sb_t_rle rle
 Pointer to RLE buffer. More...
 Pointer to the array of the points of the blob contour. More...
int contour_size
 Number of point of the blob contour, ie the number of elements of the array contour.
sb_t_truth truth
 Truth value of the blob computed by the blob analysis routine, otherwise SB_TRUTH_UNDEFINED.
sb_t_blob_deleted deleted
 Blob is marked as deleted. More...
char model_name [SB_PAR_STRING_LEN]
 Model name of the blob.

Detailed Description

Defines a blob.

Definition at line 7926 of file sb.h.

Field Documentation

◆ contour

sb_t_point* sb_t_blob::contour

Pointer to the array of the points of the blob contour.

To make the sb_blobs_detection function return the contour of the blob you must to set sb_t_blob_par.blob_contour to 1.

See also

Definition at line 7945 of file sb.h.

◆ deleted

sb_t_blob_deleted sb_t_blob::deleted

Blob is marked as deleted.

When parameter sb_t_blob_par::keep_deleted is set to a value different from 0, than the function sb_blobs_detection does not delete the blobs filtered due geometric restrictions, that is area and/or width and/or height out of limits, but leaves them in the list and sets the parameter deleted.

See also

Definition at line 7955 of file sb.h.

◆ rle

sb_t_rle sb_t_blob::rle

Pointer to RLE buffer.

To make the sb_blobs_detection function return the rle of the blob you must set the parameter sb_t_blob_par.blob_rle to 1.

See also

Definition at line 7939 of file sb.h.

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